Tip Tuesday


Follow up with your married clients

August, 20th, 2019

 Maximise reviews & recommendations (and votes for the 2020 GWBA) buy following up with your clients while they are still in the wedding bubble. We would suggest no later than 1 month after their wedding date. here are some great email templates to help you ask for feedback or reviews.

Tip Tuesday

Do we still need business cards ?

MAY, 15th, 2019

Instead of handing out business cards at your next craft fair, get shoppers to snap a picture of a sign that’s an enlarged business card.

Tip Tuesday

Be open to network and collaborate

APRIL, 11th, 2019

it's important to be open to not only seeking contacts for your own purposes, but to return the favour. Whether that's offering to introduce your new connection to one of your contacts or just forwarding them a link to an interesting article, supportive gestures like these will help build trust early on in your relationship.

Tip Tuesday

Making Instagram work for you.

May, 28th 2019

This great article, the start is a little dry but stick with it and there are some great tips on how to use Hashtags to make Instagram work for your business.

Expo Prep

Preparing for your next bridal show

JUNE, 4th, 2019

In the lead up to our 2019 event its important  to make a few lists, what do i need to take, what do i need to do, check the facebook page or exhibitor handbook for set up times.  this is a great checklist to get you sorted!

Tip Tuesday

Time to update your HASHTAGS

JUNE, 4th, 2019

Because of Instagram & FB algorithms Hashtags are sooo helpful for bringing you on to new clients radars. I also use them to search for new business to attend the expo or work on shoots. This is a fun little web page i found that generates hashtags for you!

Tip Tuesday

Exhibitor tips

JUNE, 4th, 2019

This video will give you tips on how to be successful as an exhibitor at any Bridal Show! Savvy & Sassy Bride educates and empowers wedding professionals to be the best that they can be.

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